6 | Make Yourself…Financially Savvy

February 13, 2019

City of Corona Treasurer and Founder of Pacific Capital, Chad Willardson, joins the show to discuss what to look for when searching for a financial advisor. Sharing various tools and resources, Chad’s mission shows us the importance of value one should place on their client to make their business stand out from the rest.


5 | Make Yourself…A Time-Management Expert

February 6, 2019

Amelia Lyon, host of the Make Yourself podcast, started her career as a successful wedding photographer, being featured in top bridal magazines and blogs. Hitting a wall and feeling overwhelmed, Amelia knew it was time for a change and to set some boundaries. Mastering and teaching others time management tools, Amelia shares the motivation she found to not become overwhelmed with her business and personal life.


4 | Make Yourself…A Learn-It All

January 30, 2019

Jill Brady, host of the Make Yourself podcast, shares her journey through her career in working for a top financial institution—as well how to manage the work-life balance! Four beautiful children later and now hosting a podcast, Jill shares the obstacles she faced and how she used them to her advantage to get ahead.


3 | Make Yourself…Successful Together

January 23, 2019

Starting a business can be nerve-racking, but sometimes all you need is a little motivation and the right companions. Elise Wallas, Carrie Lundell, and Kelly Hitchcock from Sparkle Athletic, join us to discuss their journey of entering a successful business together and how they made their partnership work.


2 | Make Yourself…Meaningful

January 16, 2019

Join Jill Brady and Amelia Lyon as they talk with Andrea Bell and Cynthia Dipierro from WGSN about the various ways to implement upcoming trends and using them to forecast business strategies.


1 | Make Yourself…Fearless

December 21, 2018

Kelly Callaghan, a motivated and determined beauty expert, established  her career from nothing to generating six figures in just two years. Using her success story as a way to mentor others in her field, she has become an international inspiration—making a name for herself by teaching the tricks of the trade and encouraging women to be fearless in their business. Listen in to see what she had to share with us!